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History of Magnechem

Magnechem Sdn. Bhd. was established in 2006 with the backing of Rubber Research Institute Malaysia consultant. It was a spinoff from an NRFI group of companies where we found the potential of palm oil being utilised as biodegradable, green chemicals for the rubber industry.


The initial purpose of Magnechem was to produce green chemical additives for the rubber industry and, secondarily, plastics and PVC industries that can directly replace hazardous chemical equivalents. The first range of products were tested and used by one of the member NRFI companies to success.

Products Range

The range of products that we offer aims to replace their respective crude-oil based equivalents. The problem the market face today is that the core plastic materials are able to biodegrade but its chemical additives are unable to degrade and are hazardous to human and environment. We discovered the versatility of palm oil. We are able to derive palm oil to various ranges of biodegradable chemicals.

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